28 May 2024
ARGO hitting the target at NAMPO!
3 June 2024

Its establishment and evolution

Back in 1884, Giovanni Landini established a factory for the production of wine-making machines in Fabbrico, near Reggio Emilia. From that moment on, the company grew more and more. It then became a true example of a proud Italian company, and one of the best known brands in Italy and around the world. Landini’s history is studded with great evolutions, all featuring and made possible by a common factor, being innovation the clear and determined goal that, starting with its founder, still guides all members of the company today. As early as 1910 the first hot-bulb fixed engine was made. It was fitted five years later on a lightweight, easy-to-move wagon, which led to the beginning of a new era for agriculture. In 1925 Landini’s first agricultural tractor saw the light of day, the hot-bulb 25/30 model. From that moment on, the innovation and technological development of Landini tractors continued relentlessly, with brand new ranges capable to adapt in a perfect way to the changing needs of agriculture. In 1982 the newly-designed orchard range was finalised, the mother of Landini speciality tractors, which are the best on the market for this segment. In the 2000s all speciality tractor ranges between 50 and 100 HP were renewed, and in 2008, we received the prestigious Tractor of the Year Best of Specialised award in the agricultural sector. It is only thanks to this long history characterised by a constant focus on technological progress that we have reached the present day, when the innovation of Landini tractors is expressed through the launch of the hybrid-powered prototypes, REX4 Electra and REX4 Full Hybrid, as well as through the Landini Farm and Landini Fleet Management digital solutions, available as standard on all Stage V models and to be used via MyLandini app.

Landini’s keywords: passion and innovation

In 2021 Argo Tractors Group joined the Motor Valley, an association that represents the strip of land in Northern Italy that has become world-famous for mechatronic manufacturing and is home to great automotive brands. “assion and innovation are the key drivers that have guided us over these years” commented Cav. Lavoro (Order of Merit for Labour) Valerio Morra, President of Argo Tractors – making us ambassadors of Made in Italy, proudly represented abroad, where we have expanded our presence with the creation of new branches and consolidated our extensive sales network”The President of the Group also confirms the central role of innovation in the company’s strategy: “The innovative process set in motion by the founders in the 19th century has continued to take centre stage, thanks to the passion we devote every day to manufacturing tractors and offering increasingly connected, cutting-edge digital services. 140 years is a historic milestone that places us among the world’s oldest manufacturers and is also a reason to move proudly on to new heights”.

A never-stopping company that keeps evolving

For this 140th anniversary of the brand, we want to celebrate all our achievements, while bearing in mind that the latter always represent new starting points. If we had not constantly evolved, we would not have come to any of our achievements and we would not be “blowing out 140 candles. Therefore, with our distinctive never-ending passion, we continue to observe the world around us, the market and the agricultural sector (and everyone animating it) so as to innovate more and more and manufacture tractors of ever-increasing quality. For this 140-year celebration in grand style, we have created a capsule collection, the exclusive Landini official merchandising kit consisting of a t-shirt, a cap and commemorative bags, for a passion to wear!



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